2716 Bent Creek Drive
Kennesaw, GA 30152

What to Expect

 At New Day Yoga we promote wellness and abundant life found only in Jesus Christ.  Whether you attend  one of our classes, workshops, trainings or retreats, you will be encouraged to:


1) Strengthen your body and its systems and increase your understanding of how all the parts of the body work together in you.  Each class contains elements of anatomy, flexibility, balance, strength training, endurance, and relaxation.


2) Breathe in the goodness of God for your life.  Each breath we take is a gift from our Father and a symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit who is ever-waiting to be our Guide.  Simply learning to connect with your breath brings about a calming and powerful change in your respiratory and circulatory systems and increases your ability to focus.


3) Renew your mind and be transformed into the very likeness of God.  Jesus’ first message to the world was to “Repent,” which means “Change the way you think.”  The Scripture tells us that when we renew our minds we are transformed.  Because our thoughts are key in transformation, we use scripture, song, and chant to set our minds on God's word and His unchanging, eternal truths. 


4) Personally assess your attitude, habits and patterns, knowing that they eventually determine your personality and destiny.  Each class centers around a theme, a message for godly, healthy living which will challenge and encourage you to reach for more of Jesus in your life, attitude and habits.


5) Open your heart to God through faith in His Son.  God is so pleased when we set our intention to know Him more intimately, and each New Day Yoga experience provides the opportunity for doing so.