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Welcome to New Day Yoga

So much has changed since 2020! 

What I thought would never happen ... HAS HAPPENED!

Hi, I'm Dayna,

Thanks for stopping by!

For two decades I taught everything in person, but in 2020 God opened doors for me to teach and share my knowledge, experience, and certifications online.

People all over the USA and Europe have sought me out in Kennesaw, GA, and now I can easily reach out to all of you at the same time! 

No one has to travel to find me anymore! All you need is a good laptop or desktop and you can fully participate in all I have to offer.

I hope you take the time to look at the entire website, but if you just want the quick overview, I've put the links to join my classes and trainings right here on this first page.

There's nothing that means more to me than to help the women of God, YOU, grow in your health and wholeness of spirit, mind, and body--all for the glory of God. 

I found the practice of yoga to be the tool that worked for me to grow me up in the things of God. Plus, it keeps me fit, strong, and confident in my body and mind. So now I live to share this tool with you.

Yoga provides many different tools of healing and comfort, strength and power, for every part of your beautiful being.

With me you'll find: 

  • ​Physical Postures: To align bones and balance muscles of the feet, legs, pelvis, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and head.
  • Breathing Techniques: To strengthen and increase lung capacity, providing vital, life-giving oxygen to the inner bodily systems and calming the nervous system.
  • Concentration Techniques: To bring a busy, scattered mind to a one-pointed focus.
  • Meditation Practice: To train the mind and heart to be at peace.
  • ​Contemplation Practice: To teach the soul to trust and rest in God’s presence, where all true joy and healing resides.
  • ​And so much more! - There's really no way to explain it all; you just have to jump in to the experience and see for yourself how yoga is so all-encompassing and perfectly fitted to our Christian faith when it is practiced from a Christian perspective!

Join Me! Check it out! If God has put this on your heart, it's no accident you are here! 

Open your heart, mind, and body up to the LORD in a new, refreshingly simple, and deeper way-
one breath, one movement, one thought at a time: 

Yoga for the Love of God - an online monthly subscription - $97/month

Unlimited access to 60-minute class recordings taught by Dayna Gelinas
Over 75 classes to choose from with new classes added every week

Includes: Yoga Basics - Level 1 - For beginning to continuing yoga students
                 Yoga Basics - Level 2 - For experienced students
                 Gentle Yoga - For all levels

A monthly subscription to YoGod will give you a consistent yoga practice that develops strength and flexibility, balance and grace. 

Click here to subscribe: Yoga for the Love of God

Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer - an online monthly subscription - $137/month

Access to 1 live 60-minute class every Thursday at 5:30pm EST
Access to 1 live community communion every second Sunday at 5:30pm EST
All classes are available for you to watch, replay, and practice again

Includes: Gentle movements to relax the body and prepare it for meditation
                 Restorative Yoga Postures
                 Guided mudra and breathwork
                 Silent meditation and prayer

A monthly subscription to M3P  will provide you with stress relief, rest, and relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

Radiant Woman by Design - an immersive online experience for those who want the full understanding of the eight limbs of yoga from a Christian perspective without the pressure of performance or "teacher homework."

This signature program is the culmination of the research gathered from teaching and practicing yoga since 1998. It is my favorite offering and one that I am grateful to lead. 

You will have projects and assignments to complete but each one is for your own growth and self-discovery. Be filled with wonder as you see what applying the tools of yoga can do for your faith, your mind and your body. 

To really get the full picture of what is included and how it is made available to you, set up a Q&A with me. 

For more info about Radiant Woman by Design, book a Q & A Call with me! BOOK A CALL

New Day Yoga Teacher Certifications - online courses to take you deeper into your study of yoga from a Christian perspective and prepare you to teach.

Each course is tailored to meet your individual goals and can range from 3-10 months. All courses include homework, outside reading, live online classes, an online platform, and a private forum. You get a wealth of resources in the form of 1:1 calls with me, videos, downloads, ebooks, yoga manuals, printable pdf's and more. 

Certifications Available through New Day Yoga:
          Restorative Yoga
          Gentle Yoga
          Yoga Foundations 
          Advanced Yoga 
          Custom Certification 

Hours of Study: 
          12-Hour Introduction to Yoga from a Christian Perspective
          120-Hour Restorative Yoga Certification
          200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification 
          300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification 

All classes and certifications are taught from a Christian perspective and the One True God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is exalted as LORD over all. 

To apply for a teacher certification, book your Q & A Call with me! BOOK A CALL

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Click this image to subscribe to Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer (M3P) and instantly get recordings to the classes, plus get access to the live classes!
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Start where you are and see how far you can go. Whether your goal is to gain strength and flexibility or reduce stress and anxiety, practicing yoga with us will take you to the place you want to go.

Take your practice to the next level. Develop awareness of movement and breathing patterns, learn how to capture toxic thoughts, accelerate healing of your body and mind, and teach these skills to others.

Find the connection you crave and the encouragement for your faith that you need. Every class and certification we teach finds its foundation in the relationship we have with Christ. Because we love Him, we serve you to the best of our God-given ability as we teach and guide.

New Day Yoga

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